Return of the Human Tech Podcast

I started the Human Tech Podcast in November 2019, just before COVID-19 became a topic of daily life. Podcasting was new for me and I wasn’t sure if anyone would listen.

Happily, many people started listening. Maybe you were one. But life, especially my family and building a new business, kept taking a higher priority to planning, writing, recording, editing, publishing, and announcing new episodes.

Podcasting is fun and I listen to a lot of shows. But it’s a workflow that is demanding of consistency. Each week that went by without a new episode felt like utter failure.

In March of last year, I finally stopped feeling badly about not putting out new episodes and worked on getting better balance in my business. I kept eyeing the recurring tasks in my OmniFocus app and just clicking DONE. I wasn’t procrastinating, I was deciding to put off the work.

I knew, though, that I had to come back.

SEASON 2, EPISODE 1 – June 2/3, 2023

I’m in the midst of rebranding. You’re reading this blog post on a new website, under a new domain, with new email addresses, and a new logo. Even the company name has evolved.

I’ve decided to switch to a seasons-based approach for one simple reason. I’m putting Season 1 to bed. It’s done. But I don’t want to remove it, hide it, nor leave it as “just” past episodes. Technology podcasts can have an aftertaste that isn’t noticeably bad. If you listen to this show’s first episode, the information is not wrong. But, it’s also not still the best advice on the topic.

Episodes 1-13 will become Season 1, Episodes 1-13. They’ll remain for anyone to review, if desired. But that’s it.

I do NOT recommend that anyone goes back to Season 1 unless you’re really interested in that version of the information. Start with Season 2 and let’s keep moving forward.