What we do


Humane Tech podcast – Relaunching in spring 2023, the Humane Tech podcast is a great way to hear Jeffrey speak about privacy, cybersecurity, and getting the most out of tech. Starting with Season 2, episodes will focus on those things we most often see, hear, and fix while helping people like you in the field.

Webinars and Classes – Also relaunching in spring 2023, the mozu|tech training site. We’ll be hosting webinars and classes — some free, some will cost a bit. Topics for June and July will include our Making Security Easier series. Let’s make passwords and multi-factor authentication easy. How do you know all of your important things are backed up AND recoverable? How do you control your privacy? Come participate in the fun!


Regardless of whether you want support for yourself, your family, or your business, our focus is on getting you what you need. And, getting the most out of what you have.

BUSINESSES – Our focus is on help you get the most out of your internal IT department or your outsourced IT support (MSP/TSP/etc.). We can assess how things are going and work with you and your support organization to make things better. However, if things are too bad to fix, we’ll help you find the support you need.

We also have specialized services which may augment what you already have for support. For example, do you do all of your own support but need help moving from Google to Microsoft or Microsoft to Google? Do you need a vulnerability test, help with compliance, or just someone to help guide you through something? We can do that.

INDIVIDUALS/FAMILIES – Where should you go to get excellent support? That’s a good question. There are few companies who actually provide this to individuals and families. We

DIVORCE/SEPARATION/ABUSE – We have helped a number of people in abusive situations get their digital lives de-tangled from former spouses, partners, etc.


Jeffrey has spoken for conferences and events for organizations in technology, law, medicine, arts, aerospace, retail, and more.